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150 ESE®* Compatible Coffee Pods Italcaffe Espresso Brazil 100% Arabica

Espresso Coffee Pods compatible with all ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) machines. 100% Arabica Roasted and Ground Sweet Coffee from Brazil, very balanced with medium acidity and body. You can distinguish hints of malt, cocoa and cereals. Notes of chocolate and roasted peanuts in the aftertaste. Capsules compatible with Nespresso® brand coffee machines.Italcaffè coffee pods are single serving portions of fresh roasted coffee packed in a highly protected atmosphere. Weight 7 grams each. 

Pods packaged singularly to guarantee their aroma, flavour and freshness over time. The ESE pod  is ecological: it consists of about 7 grammes of coffee and 0.2 grammes of paper, both natural products that respect the environment.

*The trademark ESE® is not the property of Italcaffè SpA or other connected companies.

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In stock