A meeting point for wanderers and artists of every epoch who have always found inspiration and shelter in its colorful villages. Here comes the Italcaffé aroma.

Golfo dei Poeti

The Gulf of the Poet is a real gem in the eastern end of Liguria, in a privileged position for winds and tides.

At its borders, the Castle of Lerici peaks on the sandy coves and, opposite to it, the church of Portovenere, perched on the rocks and the blue sea, both symbol of the ancient belonging to the Maritime republic of Genoa.

A real water marvel, that has inspired poets such as Dante, Lord Byron and D.H. Lawrence and artists of all genres.

This beautiful gulf is said to be the very place where the famous Botticelli’s Venus was born, between the Gulf of La Spezia and the Fezzano promontory, with the island Palmaria at her shoulder.

The aroma of our coffee also reaches the Gulf of Poets. Look for your Italcaffè bar and take a picture within this beautiful frame!

Travelling with the coffee

tazzina di caffè al porto golfo dei poeti
tazzina di caffè golfo dei poeti


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