L'aroma di Italcaffè arriva fino alla Lunigiana

An ancient land with a constellation of medieval villages and castles, where it is even possible to rediscover the presence of the prehistoric man.
Here comes Italcaffé aroma.


We are in Lunigiana, an historical area that straddles the two regions of Tuscany and Liguria and stretches itself in front of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines and of the Apuan Alps.

Immersed in lush nature, it has always been a land of passage and meeting point of populations of all ages.

Among the picturesque villages, the castles with their merlons, churches and towers, it is impossible not to cite the statues menhir, enigmatic monolith with human resemblances that dates back to the stone age. Last but not least, beautiful caves that hide mysteries as old as the world.

Lunigiana is a real journey into the history and always worth a visit.

The aroma of our coffee arrives in Lunigiana. Look for your Italcaffè bar and take a picture within this beautiful frame!

Travelling with the coffee


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