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Our coffee roasting in more than 50 years of history

Since 1969, Italcaffè is the coffee of our land.

Our story begins in La Spezia more than 50 years ago, when Ennio Poli decided to convert its grocery shop in a roaster.

His goal was to select the best coffees from across the world, bring them to his land and work them with passion to provide his customers with the authentic aroma of the true Italian espresso.

To this day, his passion is carried on by his son and daughter who have decided to revive Italcaffé imagine on the occasion of its 50th anniversary by drawing inspiration from the beauty of their homeland.

Tigullio, Cinque Terre, Gulf of the Poets, Lunigiana, Apuan Alps and Versilia. Since more than 50 years, we have brought the aroma of the highest quality coffee from across the world to our enchanting land.

from grocery shop to coffee roasting


Italcaffé was born

Ennio Poli converts his grocery store in a coffee roaster

First restyling

Italcaffé keeps on expanding and invest in his image with a first packaging restyling


Registration of the actual trademark

After the building of the second plant, Italcaffé registers the trademark that is still used today and insert the graphic element of the coffee cup.

The bean

The coffee bean is inserted in the logo as a symbol of the quality that has always distinguished Italcaffè’s products.


The Colors

Italcaffé introduces black and red as his main colors. Every different product is characterized by a different color.