L'aroma di Italcaffè arriva fino alla Versilia

Italcaffè brings the aroma of his coffee where the sea meets the mountain and the beach full of colorful umbrella
stretches as far as the eye can see.


We are in Versilia, a characteristic Tuscan holiday destination and land of art where bikes ride free under the Apuan Alps.

Each place has the smell of the sea, open-air markets and dolcevita. Beaches echo with the excited voices of the children playing with the waves.

spiaggia versilia

In Versilia, artists feel at home.

Pietrasanta is an open-air museum, where art installations are constantly changing and where it is possible to admire beautiful statue made with Carrara marble, always protected by the majestic “warrior” by Botero.

The aroma of our coffee arrives in Versilia. Look for your Italcaffè bar and take a picture within this beautiful frame!

Travelling with the coffee

tazzina di caffè spiaggia versilia
tazzina di caffè città versilia
tazzina di caffè versilia

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